December 27th, 2005

Sheepie: Bah!

Surfacing for a moment...

since I'm back at work today. (Supposed to be yesterday..but the building was EMPTY, so we decided to go back home. Good (?) thing, too, since I found and purchased a 60' round pen.)

Christmas was good - the kidlets got most of what they wanted, with no tantrums; I got some sheepie stuff, so all was happy and pleasant in the fiberaddict household.

My Norwegian wheel and I are still in the throes of Love. She's a lovely lass, spins silk with nary a complaint, spins my Rambo batts pretty as you please, plies like she spins; in short, she is a dream to use. Needs a name, though.

My scottish wheel is "Jeannie"...but I'm thinking Swede or Norse is the way to go. "Inge"? Not sure - any and all ideas will be welcomed and considered!

Am knitting my BILs Christmas prezzie (Yes, it's late. He didn't decided until Christmas Day what he wanted, and I had to go out and BUY the yarn (he wants machine washable. So, Lion Brand WoolEase it is.) - a black headband.

The next spinning project is already slated: yarn for my FILs prezzie - a nice tam out of an Autumn House Farm roving (Alpaca/Silk/Wool) in a lovely heathered green/blue. Yum! Will try to start on it this week....we'll see.

The kids are at the MILs this week, so I'm planning on sleeping. A Lot. *eg*