December 31st, 2005

me: portrait

Happy New Year's!

One and all! Resolutions: don't do 'em. I set goals - last year it was to lose weight. 43 pounds gone - think I met *that* goal. This year? I want to get my studio organized and neat.

I started towards that goal this evening - 1 LARGE Rubbermaid tub is now full of discarded yarn. Mostly acrylic, some wools - I wanted it gone, it is (or will be, tomorrow, when I pass it on to a knitter I know and love.) Tomorrow I will try to forge out a path to the pie safe where I keep my roving......I may need a machete. And a bull whip. It's pretty.....cluttered isn't really the word, here. Packed is a better one. *g*

Today saw the kids come back home from Granny's, and all the Christmas stuff packed up and stored. Even the outside lights. (THAT was fun!) I need to find a larger artificial tree for next year - like, say, 9 feet or so. My dinky little 5.5 footer just looked a bit tiny in the Living Room (12 foot ceilings!) My Scottish wheel looks nice in front of my comfy (currently dog-free!) chair in front of the window.

Oh, and I love the weather pixie tonight - lots of fireworks. Guess the poor dear doesn't know about our burn ban, the fact that our governor has declared N. Texas a disaster area waiting to happen, and the fact that we have had 18" or so LESS rain this year than we need. I watered my foundation today for a good 4 hours....just in case my stupid neighbors actually bought fireworks.

I wish all and sundry a safe and Happy New Year! (And Happy Hogmany, to those that celebrate! *eg*)