Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Another quickie...

since the power here at work keeps cutting in and out (my 'puter has died and rebooted twice already this AM).

Hair stuff: Whee! I reached 100 posts on the LHC, so I can browse the private journals/picture journals! Hee - I know what I'll be doing today :lol:

I'm wearing my hair up in a french twist again today, held by the 3-prong paduak fork. It's messy - my hair doesn't want to cooperate. It's all right, though - I'm in sweats today, so messy hair goes with the outfit.

Think I'll cassia this weekend - I'll only mix up 1/2, though, and I won't add as much liquid. Then...maybe an SMT on Sunday? Or not...we'll see how it goes. I definately want to cassia, though.

I've also got the itch to make some more hair toys. I got into Nightshade's journal, and she had posted a link to some way cool hair spirals, and what she has in mind to replicate them. I might have to do the same thing....:grin: I also want to make a "Christmas" hair stick - red and green beads. Don't know if I'll have time this weekend, though - I have got to get my loom warped! The reed is sleyed, I just need to thread the heddles and wind on....but that takes lots of time. I can forsee the kids will be watching a lot of TV tomorrow...:lol:

I'm nearing the end of the Victorian Shawl (yeah, yeah - pictures. I'll post pictures when it's done....promise!) - I'm almost out of yarn. Can't wait to get it finished, so I can start on something small and quick!

Himself is working on a super-seekrit present on the RH loom. He's only about 1" into it, but it looks good, and the fabric feels really nice. He needs to get cracking - Christmas is coming up pretty quick! Herself hasn't decided what she wants to give this year....we need to think on this.

Power's flickering again - better sign off!
Tags: blather, hair, kids, knitting, shawl, weaving

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