January 16th, 2006

fiber: AA Norwegian Wheel

Setting up an experiment...

so. I'm almost done spinning the singles that will become my "Autumn" socks. (Are you sick of hearing of them yet? Too bad! *eg*) I've been pondering the plying stage....and have decided to run an experiment.

I have 2 storage bobbins of each carded combo. I will end up with 2 yarns, but I've decided that I will ply them 2 different ways, to see how it affects the durability.

The first yarn will be a normal 4-ply. No biggie - the only problem is that I don't currently have a kate that will hold 4 storage bobbins. (This problem will be rectified as soon as I can get to the hardware store. *g*)

The second yarn will be a 4-ply cabled yarn. Pick 2 singles, over-ply them, then ply the resulting 2 ply yarns in the opposite direction.

I have heard that cabled yarns are more durable, but don't have any direct experience with it....so. We shall see.

Then it'll be on to the next sock project *g*. (The tam will be spun as soon as the wheel is available, then I'll whip out the Icelandic lace-weight. Just gotta get back in the spinning groove; I've been spending all my "free" time at home knitting the current sock.....I'm halfway down the foot.)

I'm ready to spin something else.....I like these colors, but I'm getting tired of them! (Short attention span, anyone??) I wanna spin something Bright! and Wild! and Colorful! and Different! from my normal greens/blues/teals. We'll see what I can dig up....