January 19th, 2006

fiber: bobbin

It's County Fair time!!

And I've decided to enter...the only problem? They don't have a handspun division - we (the lady in charge of the entries and I) decided I need to enter under the Arts - Misc. division - and they only allow *1* entry per person per division. Hrumph.

I am going to call back tomorrow (we're kinda swamped up here - I'm sneaking this in) to verify this. I mean, I have a beautiful skein of true worsted (Romney - Yum!), some nice skeins of woolen laceweight (EE dyed BL), a *gorgeous* skein of silk, some nice skeins of tail-spun kid mohair plyed with bombex silk......so, yeah. I'd like to enter them *all*, not to win, but to get people's attention that HEY, I'm out here!

Seeing's how my demos at the library and church hasn't brought any other fiber-artists out of the woodwork. *sigh*

I am encouraged, though - they have a category for HANDWOVENS! Whee! Gotta go dig out something(s) to enter *that* category, for sure and for certain. *g* Might encourage Himself (and Herself, if she's so inclined!0 to finish up his twill scarf to enter......*g*

It's only $1 per entry, so we're not talking big bucks here......and I need the exposure. I'd rustle up some other people to enter, but the rules state you have to be a resident of the county.....blah blah blah. *sigh*

I need some local fiber-pals. I'm tired of being the "weird lady that plays with wool" all by myself.

Oh, and I finished my sock....now to wash 'em and wear 'em!