January 20th, 2006

QOW: Zot

County Fair, Take II...

I *swear* I live in Hicksville. I mean, honestly.......

I just got off the phone with the County Extension office (they put on the fair). No, there is no handspinning category. "OK", I asked, "should I just put 3 or 4 skeins in as *1* entry, or can I enter them each individually (the rules state : Only one entry per exhibitor in one category. More than one entry per division is allowed.) I mean - worsted spun yarn is not the same as woolen spun (but for her, I said "I have wool, and I have silk, and I have...oh, let's say DOG, because I'm sure I have a skein or 2 of that laying around" *eg*), and usually there's a different category for each (or at least for the different fibers)."

"Oh, no" she said. "I've been doing the fair for, oh, 6 years now, and you can enter as many as you want."

OOOOOOOOOOOkay. "So" I said, just to clarify "I can enter *each* skein as a seperate entry?" "Oh, yes!" she said happily. :scratches head in confusion:

Then, I decided to be nosy. "I see you have a handwoven category. Do you get a lot of response there? I'm trying to find other fiberworkers, and I'll hang out with weavers, too - my 5 year old weaves, and is gonna enter if he finishes his scarf in time." Looooooooooong pause. "Oh, err, no - we don't really have a big turn out there. Mostly it's kids doing potholders or they bought the yarn and made something."

:blink: So, you have a category for handweaving, but not a lot of entries.....WHY???? *big sigh*

We chatted a minute, and I told her "Y'know, this is kinda sad - with all the sheep and goats we have out here, we should have a LOT of spinners. This is not acceptable (laugh) - I need to get to work and bring more people into the fold!" She laughed, sort of...tentatively, and said "yes, you do!"

SO........this weekend I will go thru my handspun stash and dig out as many different types of skeins as I can find. NOT for a ribbon - who'm I kidding, if there's no other entries, there's no fun in it - but to put people on notice that HEY - there's a spinner here, come out and play!! I washed my handwoven shawl last night - I'll neaten up the fringe (it's 5 years old, and the fringe is a little...messy on the bottom. Nothing a quick trim won't cure); I'll then dig out a couple of scarves and my twill sampler dishtowel. I'll also see if I can rustle up some handknits - NOT my Irish Diamond shawl; that's too valuable to me (and besides - it has a mistake up near the neckline in the border. *g*) - but maybe a hat or 2, and....maybe some socks. If I can keep my feet out of them....*g*

Oh, and gypsybaby1 - how quick do you need that yarn? *eg* The fair is March 21-25......*vbeg*