January 23rd, 2006

LOTR: Gimli Lumberjack

It's Monday...

and I'm *glad* to be back at work. (See last week's entry on the weekend....but double it for this weekend.)

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Socks: I CO for my Autumn socks Sunday morning before church. (Size 3 DPNs; CO 52 (12/14/12/14), 2x2 for 2", K for 6") I LOVE the way they are turning out - the fabric looks like what I had in mind when I started dyeing the wool - very woodsy, very "fallen leaf in the forest floor" looking. I'm done with the ribbing and am about 1" into the leg - the yarn is approximately sport-weight, and is knitting up pretty fast on the size 3s. Nice, cushy fabric - not bullet proof (a la AS *g*), not sleazy - just about right.

This is mindless knitting - no pattern, no cables, no lace, just straight knit. I like it - if I have enough yarn (and I might....we'll see), I'll make another pair, but with a cable or lace pattern. We'll see how it goes...