February 3rd, 2006

me: portrait


So, first of all: I caved. The sock is now on 1 Addi Turbo. It's going SO much faster - it took me 2 days of intermittant knitting to do 6"....in (I am NOT making this up, folks) 2 hours of intermittent knitting (you know - boot up the PC (knitknit), sign on (knitknit), fix dinner for the kids (knitknit) that sort of stuff) I've done another 3". o_O

Warning: Rant ahead!!! The IRS refund hit today. I called PENGUIN POOLS (phone # to be provided upon request) to see about their current ad in the Texas Co-Op Power magazine: a 15' x 24' A/G pool, *with* deck, for $835 plus installation. I told them I had cash in hand; I told them I was going to buy a pool this weekend..so let's talk. They said "Yes. We must run a credit check." WTF??? I said "Ummm. No - I have cash. I can go to your office this evening or tomorrow AM and PAY YOU INSTANTLY. You know, CASH?" "No." he said. "It's against company policy to sell a pool without approved credit."

I got a little testy: "Oh. SO.....you're refusing to take CASH. Ummm. OK. Sunshine pools will be -" Rat Bastard HUNG UP ON ME.

The Attorney General's office was not happy to hear that...but they don't do anything. The BBB won't take a complaint because I don't have a local # or physical address (just a 1-800 #. Want it?? *eg*)

I then called Alamo Leisure in Arlington (about....40 miles from me) and bought a pool from them. Over the phone. With Paypal. (Told the bastard I was going to buy a pool, like, NOW.) (They're on Ebay. Price was....yeah, higher, but they are very nice - and I am getting a salt system so I don't have to buy chlorine tablets. And a sand filter. No deck...but that's OK. They include a power vacuum, too. (I forgot to ask if it was red.....*vbeg*) Installation will only be another $675...so I feel pretty good about it. (Sunshine would have been HAPPY to take my money - but they were the same price, and installion would have been - OMG - $1175. OUCH. Very nice salesman, though!)

*big sigh* End rant....

Oh, and Himself needs an eye exam. The school did it, and he came out at 20/60 and 20/80. I'm a little worse...but Still. The "local" eye doc can't see us (because I need new lenses) until the 18th...so I need to do some calling and try to get in sooner.

And I only thought I wanted a GPS. *bigger sigh* Ah, well - at least I kept my promise to the kids!