February 4th, 2006

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*yawn* WOW (weired babblings - be warned!)

I had no idea that there were so many people out there that hated knitting socks in any way except DPNs. If I "knew" the folks on the lj socks community, I might ask why the noobies liked Magic Loop or 2 circs instead of DPNs..hmmmmmmmmmm.

Himself and I have appts. today with an eye doctor. It's one associated with *gack* Thrall-mart, but they could get us in NOW, and they honor my insurance. (Quite honestly, an optometrist is an optometrist....if I had more money, and was seriously worried about his vision, I'd haul him to an opthomologist...but it appears he has my eyes, so.....yeah.) We will then head to the "big city" to Lenscrafters for my lenses/his glasses (because if the school is correct, he'll be in glasses today. 20/60, I think they said. Me? Last I checked I was....20/90 or worse. Blind, that's Me.)

I think I will get my coworker to try and wrestle an address out of the stupid Penguin pools.

Alamo Leisure would have matched the price if: a) they had a comparable pool in stock and b) we knew what came *with* the package (type of filter/vacuum/skimmer/etc). The pool I got is round (24'), has a salt generator (no chlorine tablets! Yeah!)and sand filter, an automatic vacuum, and an automatic skimmer. The filter pump/salt thingy (I think it's all 1 unit - can't remember. I just woke up!) is a good one (Hayward) - I spent a lot of time last year researching this stuff, which is why I called Alamo yesterday. No deck, but I'm not concerned - that can come later. Plus, the saleslady spent a LOT of time with me discussing the options and all.

Ah, well - I'm broke again, but it was/will be worth it. We'll get a lot of use out of the pool (the months or so we had the EZ up pool set up, we were in it every night and all day on the weekends. So, yeah - we'll definately get our money's worth outta this pool!), Himself should be able to see better...and I'll have enough grain to get us to payday. *eg* Plus the property taxes for 2006 are "paid".

Off to rustle up some breakfast!
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OK, so it *has* been about 3 years since I last bought lenses for myself. About....10 years since I bought a complete set of glasses...I had NO IDEA prices had increased so bloody much.

First off, our insurance doesn't cover glasses (at least, not at LensCrafters), but it does get us 15% off. Plus, LC offers 50% off of kids glasses. So, 65% off Himself's, and 15% off my lenses...right?

Umm...so whyinthehell did I spend right at $600 today (JUST for glasses - the 2 exams were only $40.)??? Granted, I did get me a pair of prescription sunglasses...but Still. *deep breath*

Himself's complete set was only (listen at me - Only) $200. That's WITH the 65% off....my LENSES ONLY (ya got that - just the fricking lenses) were $258. The sunglasses? Only $158.....mainly because I had a coupon for (another) 50%. Plus, the frames for the sunglasses were only $39. Ouch. Next time, we go with Thrallmart (why not this time? Because I knew he needed glasses, and didn't want him to have to wait 2 weeks to get them. This time. Next time, he can wait, since he HAS a pair now.)

Himself's eyes are....weird. The left one (I think) is 20/25..the right one is 20/60. Just like Granny's. Me? Blind in both eyes - but my prescription is now a little weaker than my old one. (the Dr. said that happens as you get old. Whatever.)

Glad I'd already forgotten about trying to nab a GPS for myself (I get lost in a closet). Ah, well - it's only money, and I haven't bought anything frivolous (this time. *g*)

OH, - and Himself's first sock is done and the 2nd is CO and almost 1" into the ribbing. To match the other one, I'm doing the ribbing with 2 circs...we'll see how long I last. *sigh*