February 11th, 2006

fiber: knitted swatch

This sock...

certainly fits my requirement of Wild. And Loud. *g*

The pattern is not hard...but it sure feels weird to be knitting a sock, in the round, on Straight needles. (You pick up stitches from 2 previously knit diamonds, then knit the new diamond back and forth. The sock looks *awesome*...but the size 1 needles are giving me fits.

I just picked up the stitches for #14....out of 46. I'm not in the Knitting Olympics, but I'd like to get this pair done during this time frame. I'd *really* like to wear them to Irish Fest - I'll even break my "You must be Fully in Garb if you're going to wear garb at all" rule for these - they are *that* cool looking. (I'd be further along if I hadn't taken 2 hours today to run and pick up the pool, and another 3 hours to flip thru the new books the postman brought.)

And have I mentioned bright? Think....dark blue, sea-green, flaming orange, pink, lime green, yellow..and turquoise. In relatively short color repeats. In mitered diamonds. I hope the toes, cuffs, and heels (all of which are knitted "properly" in the round on DPNs stripe neatly, so as not to ruin the effect. We'll see - I may end up buying some comparable yarn in a solid color for those areas.

Back to knitting!