February 13th, 2006

me: portrait

I'm home!

No jury duty for me! Good thing - it was a civil case, involving an injury from an auto accident....a sprain. *sigh* What a waste of time!

Anyway, I was there from 8 AM to 12. I got quite a bit of knitting done - 4 squares. When I got home, I got pictures - here's the best one:

I'm at the point where I made a spot for the heel, and I'm moving up the leg. The pattern writer wants you to finish the leg, knit the cuff, then go back and knit the heel and toe.

I have a slight problem with that...see, that hole makes the rest of the sock flop around - and I'm afraid that that'll make problems, what with the flopping and flapping and foot catching on things (not that *that's* happened....*yet*.) I'm thinking I'll go ahead and do the heel now (well, when I finish the square I'm currently on), then work my way up the leg. That'll stop the flapping, and it'll look more like a sock instead of a "thing" - AND it'll maybe stop the "What are you making?" questions.

I *will* do this pattern again - it's fun, it's easy, and it looks cool. However, the next pair will be out of handspun (I think I've found a source for some "peacock-y" roving....whee!), in a sport-weight. The color repeats will probably be longer, but that's OK - I think I'll still get the same effect, just by the nature of the mitered squares. Since I don't even have the roving yet, I won't worry about it now. *g*

Must go supervise homework...and knit some more. *g*