February 17th, 2006

Calvin: Toilet

Don't ya hate it when...

you screw up so spectacularly that you can't save the project? And have to do it over?

The Icelandic laceweight? Dead. I had wound it off of the bobbin onto the skeinwinder (which, despite my best efforts, still lives here. Hmmmm...). I waited a few weeks, then decided I needed to ply it with some silk sewing thread - both for strength purposes (the judges at the county fair have NO experience with handspun..so, yeah.) and to reduce the overtwist factor. I got out the bobbin winder and a storage bobbin, found the end of the yarn, and started winding it on the bobbin.

You know what happened, right? I mean, you Know what Had to Happen.......and it did. The skein somehow jumped off of the winder into a lovely, snarled mess. There was NO way to untangle it (the fact that I had a dog "helping" me probably made matters worse...) - so, I trashed it.

Not a full loss, though - I pulled out some of the Icelandic fleece I got from Tongue River Farm, flicked it, and whipped up another full bobbin. I will wind the singles Directly onto a storage bobbin, then ply it tomorrow.

To be honest - this is much better spun. *g*

Now, off to work on the sock that will not end...I'm getting bored with mitered squares. Must get to the cuff so I have some mindless knitting to do for a while.