February 18th, 2006

fiber: AA Norwegian Wheel

It's definately the weekend...

So far today, I have:

1)shoveled out the kitchen and dining area
2)shoveled out the studio annex (ie the "front room" aka the "formal living room" *snerk*)
3)bullied the kids into removing all most some of their toys from the Family room
4)vacuumed the above
5)done all the laundry
6)Wood Beamed both wheels, all 3 kates, and the clock reel
7)run to the post office
8)run to Russel Stover's to restock the candy jar
9)cooked tacos for lunch
and, finally
10)almost finished spinning the alpaca/silk blend for the fair

Just need to ply it (on itself) and the Icelandic (with the silk) and all the fair spinning is Done, DOne, DONE.

Then I have to clear off one of the looms (I'm thinking the Structo, because it has treadles and a half-finished project) and get a handspun scarf on there...then the fair entries will be finished. *phew*

Haven't touched the sock at all today - my left wrist is wonky. I think it's because of the weather - 80* on Thursday, 38* yesterday, and it's currently 30* and drizzly today. (Rain, please - fill up my pool!)

I'm off Monday - and the kids AREN'T! Whee! I have a contractor coming out to quote me on a deck, but the rest of the day is free. Since the house is pretty much as good as it'll get, I plan on running a mop over the floors and spending the rest of the day either spinning or weaving. I've given up on finishing the socks by NTIF - I've got 8 more squares to go on #1, plus the ribbing and the toe, and I just can't see how I'll get it finished and #2 done by March 4th. Not without killing my wrist - and these socks aren't worth it. Nice, yes - but not handspun, so not worth damaging myself over. The *next* pair, however....*g*

I am still in love with both my wheels. While 'beaming them today, I found myself marvelling at the intricate woodwork on the Norwegian (she still needs a name...something early Scottish or Norse, I think...any ideas?) vs. the straightforward workman-like turnings on the castle wheel. Both wheels are beautiful, and the turnings match the originals perfectly. It's amazing - usually, woodworkers tend to have a "look" that carries over on all their products; both of these wheels are a different as can be. I just can't wrap my mind around the way Alden can do such wonderfully different things with wood! (And metal, and leather and and and...*eg*)

The loom is calling, so I must go finish the spinning so I can attend to it! I'd love to get the *&^$&% dishtowels off of it so I can do something else - maybe a shawl. (Can't do a scarf on the Glimakra - too much loom waste. That's why I'm going to use one of the table looms for it!)