February 22nd, 2006

fiber: Bluster Bay Shuttle


First, thanks for all the sympathy - I needed it. I have a suspicion that I know what caused Puff's death : SCID. The article is good, and pretty clear. I *know* Magic is a carrier; I did not (and do not) know that Dusty is, but I bet he is. (He would have to be if this is what killed Puff. Since I am not planning on re-breeding Magic to Dusty, this is a moot point).

Anyway...spent all day Monday weaving a scarf. I had forgotten how pleasant it is to sit at a loom and bang away all day long; no difficult treadlings to remember, no changing weft colors....just open the shed, toss the shuttle, beat, repeat. *That* fair entry is done, I just need to wash it (and all the yarns - whoo boy.) and it's ready to go (and then it goes off to a friend to be auctioned.)

Got a quote on the pool deck.....$2500. Yeah, right - I didn't pay that much for the freaking pool! I priced the materials - $728 for a 12x12 deck (the quote? For a 10x8 deck.) Methinks I need to learn to use power tools! Am waiting to hear from another contractor...we'll see.

Must go to work....
me: portrait


Hey, I took the http://dragonhame.com online Inner Dragon quiz and found out I am a Heliotropic Dragon on the inside.

In the war between good and evil, a Heliotropic Dragon tends to walk the fine line of Neutrality....
When it comes to the powers of Chaos vs. those of Law and Order, your inner dragon walks a fine line between Law and Chaos....
As far as magical tendancies, Your inner dragon has the ability to conquer the world of magic, but it will not be easy....
During combat situations, whether by spells or by claw, your inner dragon will do whatever it takes to get the job done....
Instead of scales, Heliotropic Dragons have a thick hide to cover their body. At the early stages of life, the Heliotropic Dragon is green with red speckles that resemble blood spots. When fully grown, the dragons color changes to any number of variations of violet, but predominantly they have a deep, reddish purple color with streaks of azure blue and magenta.'
This unusual skin type also gives them an unusually sleek appearance and allows them to move with greater speed and freedom both in air and under water. These Dragon's are known to be highly competitive.'
They often meet with other dragons to compete with each other for sport. NOTE: A few small villages have been destroyed by being so unlucky as to be in the path of a speeding Heliotropic Dragon taking a shortcut to gain an advantage over it's competitor. Heliotropic Dragons are well known for their protectiveness, but also are known as loyal friends and allies. They make true friends rarely, but those friendships that they make are well chosen and long lasting.
This Dragons favorite elements are: BloodStone and Valerian Root

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