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March 1st, 2006 - Random babblings of a fiber-obsessed nutcase — LiveJournal

About March 1st, 2006

Updated to-do list: 09:35 am
Things to do for NTIF this weekend:

1. Take up waistbands in 2 skirts
2. cut out and sew up 2 pairs short bloomers
3. Find chemises
4. Iron skirts (all 4)
5. Make treadle protector for Norwegian Wheel (don't want it to get dirty because of boots!) I used some handwoven raw silk I've hoarded since I wove it almost 10 years ago. Lovely! Even if I did put the hole for the footman on the bottom instead of the top. *sigh*
6. Gather up roving/oil/kate/extra driveband/niddy-noddy
7. Pack chair in car so don't forget
8. Bake loaf of bread
9. Buy and pack lunchmeat/cheese/mayo/mustard/etc
10. Print out nametags for Lady S.
11. Pack spindles
12. Pack how-to handouts
13. Pack Clan info stuff
14. Pack current sock
15. Pack low-carb/sugar-free snacks
16. Clear off current bobbin so I'll have 3 empties for this weekend. (The Winter blend is currently on the wheel...must find some time to finish that bobbin up!)

We're getting there - I need to get some lace trim and elastic for the new short bloomies, then they'll be Done Done Done (serging and sewing up take next to NO time)...the nametags will be done today or tomorrow; the rest of it is last-minute stuff.

I would have gotten more done last night, but I spent the time doing tracings of my wheel for the lady who will be making the carry bag. Do you have any idea how odd a spinning wheel looks in 1-D?? Especially the Norwegian - she's so compact, she looks weird and wrong when you trace her.

And, I'm on the toe of the sock! It'll be done today (I hope!) and I can CO for #2. Soon as I get my DPNs order, I'll put the sock down and start on the daycare lady's daughter's hat. That should go pretty quick - this yarn calls for size 8s (well, it calls for 11s, but for a hat I'll use 8s or 9s), and she's a 4 year old. Fast, mindless knitting - gotta love it!
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Lemming-ness 01:01 pm
gypsybaby1 tagged me, so I guess I'd better get on with it (since I'll be seeing her this weekend and she can smack me if I don't! *g*)

I am listing the 5 most effective things to bribe me with. If you get tagged, your mission is to do the same, then tag 5 or more people. The assumption stands that lots & lots of money is always a good bribe.

1. Bissenger's Chocolate - extra points if it's the sugar-free choc. covered cherries!
2. Books. Of ANY genre - I'll read the back of a toothpick box if I'm bored enough!
3. Fiber! Hand-dyed/natural/wool/silk/cotton - fiber is *good*
4. Homemade lasagne with the proper amount of garlic (Garlic is a *vegetable*, people - get it right!!)
5. Kilts. Offer me a chance to go kilt-watching, and....yeah. Kilts.

I tag: darkeros,szara,magnoliamoon,moderngypsy, and apis_mellifera, if ya'll'd be so kind!
Current Mood: anxiousanxious
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