March 5th, 2006

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NTIF - Saturday

So, I survived. It was good - not as busy as last year, but good. TONS of people, but it appears that most of them stayed outside/didn't come by the clan village.

Met ritaspins37 - she brought her Kromski and we played. It was good. I hadn't seen a Kromski IRL, so that was cool - it is a very pretty wheel. While I LOVE my AA's, I am a bit.....OK, paranoid is not a strong enough word here for them. *g* I still need to get a cheap, portable, knock-about wheel to haul problem is the whole efficiency thing. I'm spoiled. A Kromski might be the ticket - must do some research. It was great getting to hang with another spinner, and being able to talk about *anything* and *everything*...and she's coming back today!

It was productive - even with the gabbing, and the demo-ing, I got 4 oz of roving spun up and plied. Sock weight, yet. (Did I mention it was kinda slow for us?) I started on the next colorway - then the Pyr rescue group I got my 2 from came by. I should be getting some Pyr hair to play with *today*. Whee! That should be fun!

Caught 1 male...but he's kiltless. (And he can't keep his bloody hands to himself.) *sigh* I prefer kilts...must work on that more today (although he seems nice, and gives good back rubs....the whole no kilt thing is a problem. So are the wandering, uninvited hands. Ah, well - I am the Administrator of the Texas Catch and Release Program, so I'll just throw him back when I'm done with him. Which will be soon, I can tell. *g*)

Clan MacDuff had some wonderful baskets they auctioned off - I didn't win, but they were nice. Clan Keith was there....they did not retaliate, but the weekend isn't over yet. *eg*

Oh - and. And. AND - I can fit in my PENDRAGON Bodice again! The one I haven't fit in since Herself was born (and she'll be 9 in June). Wheee Haw! (3 guesses on what I'm wearing today...*g*) Gentlemen, I'm back - be warned! *eg*
SW: so shiny!

I'm tired....

so tired...the estimate at 4 pm was 40,000 people. I have no idea - I know a lot of them came by to watch ritaspins37 and I spin. It was a blast, though!

Let's see....I garnered a couple of indecent proposals, 1 or 2 almost decent proposals, and a large "THANK YOU" from the US Navy. *gg* (No, really - I was outside de-hairing myself, and a sailor came by and thanked me on behalf of the US Navy.) The most indecent was yesterday (the starting with a backrub, ending with hands down the back of my bodice incident. Ick.)

I scored 2 full paper grocery sacks of Pyr hair from the local rescue group - and spent quite a bit of time spinning it today - some of it with a donor beside me. It was a big draw - first, no one believed I was spinning Dog fur, second because there was a very large, very fuzzy white dog next to/in front of me happily contributing more fuzz for my wheel. The finished yarn will be given back to the rescue group to be knit/crocheted into something they can auction off. Win/win - I get free fuzz to spin, they get something they can turn into ready cash.

I also ended the "feud" with Clan Keith - I think. *g* My Pendragon bodice clinched it, I think (that was one of the semi-decent proposals.)

Got to meet magnoliamoon. Her son is very cute! Both she and ritaspins37 need to keep their menfolk, I think - they both seem like *really* good guys!

Got a lot of spinning done - but I'm tired. My BIL is supposed to be here later (we'll probably be asleep, but oh well) to build me a deck tomorrow and Tuesday. *yawn* 'night!
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