March 6th, 2006

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Rules of the Road (rant ahead!)

or, the proper behavior towards the fairer sex. Since, apparently, there are males out there that have no clue how to behave when a woman is wearing a bodice. Although it's hard for me to believe, there really are some males (and probably females, but I've never had a problem from another woman) that volunteer/work at these events that *aren't* Rennie or SCA or LARP types. (And most of the clansmen I've run across really do fit in the "Rennie" category, even if they've never been to a RenFaire before - at least to *me*.) Or they're newbies who are still in the gawking stage...but most of *them* have a clue about proper behavior. Most of this is just...common sense, really. It seems that Rennie's/SCA-dians/LARP-ers just seem to *know* this, the "rules" are a little bit different if you're "family" - and just meeting someone does NOT put you in that category! Even if you do get along with the rest of the group. (I know I tend to let Ren-men/SCA-dian men get away with more than I do Mundanes, simply because I know that they play by the same rules. Or at least similar rules.) goes with my rambling and probably incoherent thoughts on this.

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grrrrrrrrrrr....why do men get stupid when we females put on garb?? Do bodices suck the brain cells right out of their heads or what? It's very frustrating when someone doesn't understand the basic rules tries to jump in with his own assumptions......*sigh*

Ah, well - next Festival should be better, yes?