March 10th, 2006

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I am SO Done with this.....

OK - I wrote him an email (I was, unfortunately, too nice again - I really need to work on that) which I will post here. He wrote me back...and I will post *it* here, as well. My comments will be in italiacs.....

But first, please note - to the males that read this: My snarky comments are NOT aimed a ya'll, nor do ya'll (seem) to fall into the same category as Mr. Clueless caveman here. I'm still trying to be nice...damn Southern upbringing!

So, without further ado...Collapse )

So, I send it. He doesn't even waste the time to actually *read* it, I think - I get a response barely an hour later.

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Anyway - it's hopefully over. He's so clueless, it's not even funny - and I don't think he'll ever learn. J. thinks he's in the "clueless but safe" category......I dunno. His total defensiveness and blaming me (in a passive/agressive sort of way) is just...weird.