March 13th, 2006

me: portrait


Let's see...the kids are at the in-laws for Spring Break. Part of the house is clean; the rest...not so much. Bailey had some of his nasty mats cut out - he was not happy, but whatever...he looks better, and it *has* to feel better.

I have a mare in my backyard; the other 2 are in my *neighbor's* backyard. *eg* The boys are pissed, but they'll get over it - the girls need the extra weight.

My CC/Debit card # was snatched from *somewhere*....I cancelled the card on Friday, but can't dispute the charges until the bank gets a copy of Steve's death certificate. (No, I never gave them one.....I played dumb when they asked me.) I'm supposed to get a copy of it today - I'll run it to the bank and get that taken care of. At least I caught it before any major charges were run up! (Only $ an on-line Gaming something-or-other. *sigh*) Still....lots of hassle.

Plied up the Pyr yarn I spun at Irish Fest. It's....ok, but I'm not going to send it back. It's horribly overspun in parts, and underspun in others. Where I got it right, it's *awesome*, but there's too many bad spots for me to let someone else deal with it. I'm going to use the drum carder tonight, and the Castle wheel (much slower ratios) and see how that goes.

I also spun up the last 2 oz of green "color me" rovings that I started Sunday morning. It's nice - just need to ply the last little bit, and *it's* done.

Washed most of the fair entries - just have 2 skeins left; 1 is silk and will bleed pretty bad, so it'll go by itself. I need to re-skein the skeins, and tag them, then they're ready to go. Herself finished her artwork, and we matted it; Himself hasn't even *looked* at his loom (c'mon - Legos are *much* more fun!), but I talked Granny out of the scarf he wove her for Christmas last year, so it's good to go. *g*

I really need a yarn blocker....must start hunting! It would make my yarns look nicer.

The tax man calleth....