March 18th, 2006

me: portrait

It's raining!

and it's glorious! It's been raining most of the day - it would be perfect if it were just a few degrees warmer. My house has sprouted wet canine speedbumps all over the place...and there is a very wet, very pissed-off horse in the backyard. She'll get over it.

The kids came home last night - Himself has been running a fever since Wednesday, and I wanted to take him to the doc today. Turns out it's an upper resp that's rapidly becoming bronchitius. (Is ANYONE out there surprised??) He's now on Omnicef...we'll see.

Got my laceweight re-skeined and counted the yardage. Wow.....the 4 skeins come to a little over 1,000 yards - of 2-ply. :blink: I'll be shipping it off on Monday to moderngypsy for mantofev's raffle. Along with a purple scarf I found in the "gift" box. (That's where I put the generic gifts I make for emergency presents and stuff.)

Finished the hat - just need to add a tassle. Am back working on the mitered-square sock....still hate the feel of the yarn, but *love* the finished sock, so will keep plugging away at it. Have purchased the yarn for some more Christmas prezzies (am trying to pace myself this year..we'll see how it goes!)

Our Fair entry is almost ready - I still need to skein the Icelandic/Silk yarn, then it's good to go. Am watching Monty Python at the moment, it won't happen tonight. *g*