March 23rd, 2006

fiber: AA Norwegian Wheel


Am ready for the demo on Saturday. Have polished the wheel (Love me some Wood Beams! It's primo!), packed 2 bumps of Dragonhair (in a nice white/green/purple blend), business cards (what does it say about me that I am tickled over made-'em myself business cards?), Interweave pamphlets on How to Spin, niddy, extra driveband string, and 3 or 4 skeins of finished yarn. (Yeah, I know that my entries will be there, too - but they'll be on the *table*, not with *me*). Am I missing anything??

I'd like to get a Fiber guild going - the County Extension Agent was *very* happy with that idea, so we'll see where it goes. She has a degree in Textiles, and knits....maybe I can lure her over to the Dark side. *g*

Forgot to get pics of the scarf I sent off yesterday and the pink hat. *sigh* One of these days I'll remember that the camera must come out BEFORE the stuff gets packed up. :sigh: Ah, well...neither one was handspun, so I guess it's OK.

Am going to Lowe's today at lunch to grab stuff to make some wooden spindles. Probably won't have them by *this* Saturday, but next week Herself and I will be on a church retreat...and I will be spreading the spinning gospel. *eg* I mean, c'mon - they have *2*hours* set aside for Scrapbooking. Ug. Think I'll pack a bunch of needles and acrylic yarns, too....just in case. I don't think I'll haul the wheel along...but maybe. I'm still ruminating on that one.

I'm ignoring the state of my house. A little dirt never hurt anyone, right? It...helps strengthen the immune system, yes?

Must get to work....