March 30th, 2006

SW: Start a War


while I postpone starting on the bloody IRS returns. *sigh* I hate this time of year!

Herself and I are going on a Church Retreat this weekend....yippee. Not sure how I can handle 2.5 days of one-on-one with her and a bunch of non-crafty type females......I mean, these folks think that scrapbooking is worth planning *2* hours for! (I have nothing against scrapbooking...but 2 hours is a bit much, I have 2 spindles packed with 2.5 oz of silk roving and my current sock (#2 in the "diamond patch" pattern). I also packed some acrylic yarn and spare needles, in case anyone wants to knit, and I made 6 lollipop-style bottom whorl spindles last night....just in case. *g*

Need some new fiber? If you're on a budget, go to the Sheep Shed in Encampment, WY. Brown Sheep rovings in a grab bag @ $6/pound. No guarantees on what you'll get - but it's only $6/pound! It's nice fiber, too - I got my box this AM and.....oooohhhhh. Whites and blacks and greens all carded together..not sure if I'll be able to actually *give* this stuff away!

Want some colorful carded batts instead? Go to Storyteller's Yarns - she's listing a bunch of batts today. The colors are all *yummy* - I need to get out of my green/blue rut and jump on some of the other combos, they are that nice! Prices are good, too.

Want to skip straight to a gift item that you don't have to DIY? Go to Mantofev's etsy store - lovely handwoven scarves, at excellent prices. (I really need to head over there myself - she's still got the Autumn colored one I've been eyeballing....tomorrow's payday. *ahem*)

OK, enough enabling - why don't *YOU* share your favorite vendors with *me*??? *g*