April 6th, 2006

Disney: L&S Stitch upside down

Somebody please shoot me..

with benedryl darts...my head is stuffed up, my nose is on drip, my voice is *gone*...*sigh* At least the tax returns are DONE. (Thank the Lord! I thought we might need to use my tractor to hide the bodies, it got so stressful here between me, my co-worker, and our financial advisor, who kept telling us to do these MASSIVE spreadsheets (think minimum 2 hours to set up the freaking things, than another hour to set up all the formulas, cross-formulas, and input the bleeding numbers), then taking 1 look and saying "oh, that's not what I wanted".....*5* times.

:deep breath:

AA got my flyer and bobbin, and is ready to start creating me some new bobbins. Whee! I asked for 3 "identical" ones (yes, yes, I *know* they won't be identical, due to the moisture content of the wood, the grain, blah blah blah. Close enough for me!), but he emailed me and asked the $54,000 question. Did I want 1 for silk/flax, did I want to spin some heavier yarn (this wheel is set up for supersuper fine yarns - all 3 original bobbins are fat core, the oriface is teeny, and the *slowest* drive ratio is something like 16:1. I have the figures at home, but I'm pretty sure that's what the slowest one came out to be.)

So.....I'll get 2 identical ones (ratio/core diameter left up to the expert), 1 for silk, and 1 for flax. The identical ones are for public demos - it's hard for my hands to switch to a different ratio while I am trying to look like I know what I'm doing, answer questions, stop and let them look at the wheel's mechanics, start back up, whoops - don't TOUCH THAT!, no, I'm not weaving, I'm spinning (you'd be surprised at how often I hear *that* one...ya'd think, seeing a wheel, that's spinning around and around and around, might give 'em a clue - Nope!)........ya'll know the drill. The silk one is just 'cause....I love spinning silk. It's so.......smooth, and lustrous, and shiny, and *wonderful*, the flax one - I currently have at least 2 pounds of flax sitting around that I really need to move out. (Let's not mention the 20+ pounds of raw cotton sitting out in my garage, OK? Don't even *go* there.)

I do hope I get the flyer array back relatively soon - the sight of my lovely Norwegian without her flyer array makes me sad. I'm a bit scared to try and see if the Scottish wheel's original flyer array fits her......don't want to do any damage to either wheel just because I'm an impatient idiot. I can still spin - the Scottish wheel currently has the *jumbo* flyer array on it - so it's not like I *need* the Norwegian wheel right now. (I have a demo on the 22nd, but I can haul the Scottish wheel if I need to. No big deal.) Want to do fine yarns? It's pretty fast and easy to swap out the arrays - just pull a pin, unscrew a knob, pull off the large MOA and replace it with the hysterically accurate one, re-pin and re-screw, and voila! All set up for fine yarns again. (The Scottish wheel has tilt-tension, which is *wonderful*. A quick tap on the handle to tighten/loosen the tension, and I don't have to stop drafting to do it. The Norwegian has the traditional screw tension, which takes a LOT more fiddling to get it just right)

I talked with the County Extension Agent today - we have our first guild meeting set up. Whee! It's just a planning meeting, but we'll get things hammered out, then K. will hit the papers with the info. I volunteered to do the newsletter (yeah, glutton for punishment, that's Me!)...this should be fun.

And, one of the people who took my card at the Fair called last night - she'll call back today (when I'm actually awake (although that's up for debate right now)) to set up a time for her to come over with some friends. Bad news? It's supposed to rain, which means the dogs will be inside. Good news? Rain = mud, which means it will be pointless for me to try and actually clean my house. *g* I swear, the amount of dirt/dust/mud my 3 dogs bring in is frightening - I didn't know I had *that* much out there! I will at least wash the slipcovers tonight.....the brown in the studio annex (aka the Front Room, aka the Living Room) hides a lot of dirt, but they're starting to shed. *g* The ones in the living room (aka the Family Room) will be changed tomorrow (buying 2 sets was one of the smartest things I've ever done!)

Perhaps I can cajole Himself into weaving this weekend.....Herself will be tickled pink to draw for them. (Birthday alert - ART SUPPLIES. Sketch pads, pencils, watercolours, instruction books - if it's Art related, she'll be THRILLED) *ahem*

Must get to straightening up the office - it looks like a tornado tore thru here.