April 16th, 2006

Calvin: Toilet

Happy Easter!

Once again, the weekend has been full. Friday, I turned the kids loose to dye the countertop their clothes the dogs eggs. It was pretty much an all day affair.

Saturday - Easter fun at the in-laws. We got there at 8 AM...see, my kids believe that if you don't have breakfast at Granny's, then the world will end in a firey blast, starvation will stalk the land....yah. All that. After breakfast was the great egg hunt of '06 - 88 eggs. For my 2 kids. Himself would run up to one, shake it - if it was "empty", he'd toss it aside and go for the next one. He changed, though, when Papaw told him that there were dollar bills in some of 'em. *g* We then hit the thrift store (had to spend our dollar, y'know) and I scored 2 dresses for her (1 linen, 1 linen/rayon), 2 dresses for me (both linen!) and a shirt for Himself...for a grand total of $32. Coolness!

Lunch was good, my nap was better! We then came home, where I started the casserole for today's breakfast and Dad started mowing my lawn. (He was SUPPOSED to be working on my DOA weed whacker - I just bought it last year - but no, he pulled out the mower and started in on my jungle. Ah, well - we found my sidewalk, so it's good.

Today - Egg hunt after the church breakfast. The score: my kids brought home - I am not lying - about 100 filled eggs. The sugar is high, here!

Watched the new Narnia movie (fitting, no?) then had supper. I managed to spin and ply 2 bobbins during the movie, and am working on the 3rd now. This is for the carpenter at church who made my skirders (they were supposed to be a yarn blocker.....that's ok. I'll use 'em for plying).

Must get back to it!