April 17th, 2006

Disney: Tink Damn

Time for a pity-party....

*sigh* I lost the emerald out of my wedding set yesterday. To say that I am upset doesn't even start to cover it....and I have no idea where it could be.

It might be at church - I helped hide the eggs outside. It might be at home - I moved the horses to my back pasture (and my neighbor's back - we haven't fenced it off); it might be in the round pen with Finn; it might be in the front yard...there's just no telling. *bigger sigh*

My website is running out of disk space.....I guess I need to pull the home-construction diary offline to increase the space. I'll add that to the list.

Add to all this the fact that today is feed day ($160 right there), and Herself's medication day ($50), and the realization that I am broke once again.....and you have 1 unhappy Fiberaddict. I should have enough gas money to last until next Wednesday....but this weekend is Kilgore. *sigh*

I'll wallow in this for a bit.....I haven't had a good pity-party in a while. *blech*
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I Found my emerald!!!!!!

*deep breath* I sat down to spin some of my melancholy away, and started looking at the floor. The first 4 green blobs were playdough (ick....just, ick.); the next 2 were stupid beads (Herself has a bead fetish....and she likes to dump them on the floor and sort them - then not pick them up until the vacuum comes out).

I scooted the Norwegian closer to me...and noticed a small, oddly shaped blob on the floor near the leg. I went to push it away from the wheel - don't want clay/playdough on the wheel, after all - and noticed it was solid.

Thank the Lord, I found my emerald! I put it and the band into a ziplock bag...now I need to find a decent jeweler to reset the stone.

I am so relieved right now!!!!
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