May 3rd, 2006

misc: Clue X 4

Busy evening last night...

got 4 skirts cut out, 1 completely sewn, 1 needs 1 more seam done, the other 2 are pinned. I'll be packing them up and sending them to my MIL to serge once they're seamed (my serger and I are having issues).

I'd have gotten more done, but a)this is gauze and b)the way the "crinkles" run I had to really futz with the layout. It'll still work, but it took a lot more effort to do than my usual "drop it on the floor, whack it to shape, and go" routine. They do look nice, though. And cool. Very Cool - June will be a scorcher!

Electrician called me - he's busybusybusy, but should be able to fit me in in a couple of weeks. I can wait that long......maybe. *g* He's going to try to come out this week and take a look at what he'll need to do so he can schedule me properly. Here's hoping we can swim by June 1!!

The bank handling my boss's estate is...well, incompetent is NOT the word. (Need I say that this is a bank with a name that resembles jpmorganchase?) The latest: boss left 3 trusts - 1 for his wife, 1 for his daughter (she's mentally incapable), and 1 for his 2 grandchildren. We used to handle his daughter's finances..they're simple. 2 checks a month: 1 for rent, 1 for spending money. Both checks go to the *same* *place*. (You see what's coming, yes?) The May rent check arrived (April was late - the bank didn't tell us that they were taking over as of April 1; we wrote the checks as usual and *they*bounced* because the account was CLOSED.) but the "expense" check didn't. And still hasn't. Why???? Because the oh-so-competent bank sent *that* check to Mr. Boss's son that lives in - are you ready for this - CALIFORNIA. (The other son, who is actually the daughter's legal guardian, lives in Dallas.)

That sound you heard yesterday afternoon was me hitting my head on the desk - again. :sigh:

I don't know how those people are able to dress themselves in the morning...I really don't.

Ah, well....back to the grind.