May 12th, 2006

QOW: Angela


Finally got my webpage sorted out (I couldn't upload stuff. At.All.), deleted the old pages (BIG MISTAKE), started uploading the new and improved versions...and RAN OUT OF SPACE.

WFT??? I upgraded from 100MB to *400*MB. There is No Way in Hell I have used 400MB already. (All I did was shuffle some of the photos around and added a few pages. Pages take up virtually No Memory - it's the photos that'll get you).

I go into the cpanel...and low and behold they haven't actually upgraded my account. *sigh* I fired off yet another email to customer we wait and see.

Meanwhile, my website is only half-assed there. *sigh*
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QOW: Read

Guess what I saw this AM??

The fox - he was standing on the median, not *5* feet from the side of the car.

There was no traffic, so I grabbed my camera phone and snapped 2 pictures. As soon as I figure out how to get them *off* of the camera and onto the 'puter, I'll get 'em posted.

He was literally not 5 feet from me - very calm, not at all upset to have a human quivering with excitement whilst snapping pics with a tiny phone in front of him.

It's just - wow. A fox. In the middle of N. Dallas. (Right at Northpark Mall, for those who know Dallas. I mean - Right.Down.The.Street. About 1/2 a block from the (former) Biblical Arts Center.