May 13th, 2006

Calvin: Toilet

One of dem days....

1) Website it up and running. Can't figure out the stupid shopping cart, so the strorefront....isn't, but they fixed my storage space and I think all the links work. (Feel free to go browse and play with it. If something's broke, I need to fix it, but I've looked at it so much I'm blind.)

2)The Zoey-monster decided her tail was possessed last night. I woke up this AM to a scene out of a horror flick - blood *everywhere*. Every time she wags her tail, blood flies. Spent 2 hours this morning mopping and scrubbing, and it's still not all up.

3)Mother/daughter/friend banquet at church. Italian food for lunch - not enough garlic. At all. Mom, me and Herself sang a song - it went over well. Except for the lack of garlic-ness, it was good.

4)Walmart didn't have a swimsuit that I even wanted to think about trying on. However, the kids both have new ones now, and we have food that's good.

5)I broke the Kubota. The PTO won't stay attached - it clicks into place, it's snug, I engage the PTO...and the damn thing walks right off and flops all over the place. I just wanted to mow my stupid yard!

6)I've got most of my yarn re-skeined for new photos for the website. Some will definately go up on the sales page - I have way too much handspun sitting around. I need more wool. It's win/win - once I figure out the *(&&^%*(&(* shopping cart script. (It's Agora, if anyone has a clue to offer me. I can also use OSCommerce (both are included in my web hosting package), but Agora looked more user friendly. HA!)

I'm tired, I need a bath (covered in Tractor Grease, dirt, and partially cut grass...ick!), and I need to do laundry. Laters!