May 15th, 2006

Disney: L&S Stitch bonking head

*sigh* It's Monday, all right...

Mother's day was nice - Himself fixed lunch, Granpa took us out to dinner...all I had to do was fix breakfast. And give a "no-sticky" shot to the 2 mares. Oh, and mow my front yard with the push mower (since the Kubota is still broke.)

Today.....let's just say I didn't commit murder. Yet. Our financial advisor....well, he has no idea how close we came. I even asked my co-worker if I should go home and dig a hole. It might still come to that.....*sigh*

Must go calm down now before we head home.......don't wanna kill the first person that cuts me off on the freeway.
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I am a sock whore..

and I proudly admit it!

Finished "winter" sock #1. It's purty - the yarn and the snowflake pattern work together perfectly; my coworker looked at the finished on at lunch (I was *thisclose* to being finished with the toe) and said "That looks like Winter. Like...a snowy sky." *g* Since this was exactly the look I was going for, I am extremely happy!

Plus, it fits :perfectly:. If you've never worn a handknit sock, you just don't understand the wonder and bliss that they are. :happy sigh:

Pictures WILL be forthcoming - I have a photo tent on the way; soon as it gets here I will be updating most of the photos on the website and cobbling together a storefront. (Why use etsy when my hosting company provides a shopping cart (that I can't figure out)? No listing fees or commissions....just a bit more advertising on my part.)

Must get back to sock #2 - I'm halfway down the ribbing.