May 17th, 2006

SW: Vader


Got the DSL modem, and it looks like it'll be easy to install tonight. :does happy dance of high-speed joy:

Brother got the shopping cart installed, but I can't figure out how to customize it. :sigh: Spent 3 hours this AM and didn't do anything except set up categories. Whoopee. Guess I'll be futzing with it tonight.

Got the salt for the pool today - Lowe's sent me a $10 off gift card, so I used it - got 360 pounds of salt and a bottle of draino for $30. Not too bad! The salt was the next-to-last thing I needed (Electricity is all that's left....:sigh:) - it's for the chlorine generator. Once it's all wired for sound, I won't need to buy any other chemicals. (Or, so the hype says. We'll see.)

Have finished 2 pattern repeats on sock #2. Since the leg only has 3 repeats, this is progress indeed!

Back to work...sorta!
Calvin: Faces

Whoo Hoo!

Yes, folks, I have joined the 21st century - we now have DSL here at the ranch.

In fact, I just took a phone call while online! :pause for the giddiness to pass:

Yes, it's silly - but I've dealt with dinky dial-up *forever* here at the house. This - this is wonderful!