May 21st, 2006

SW: Start a War


I'm tired. Spent 2 hours this AM untangling a skein of handspun that somehow got messed up while waiting on the swift for winding. it was a good thing, though, since I had an excuse to run it thru the meter - it measured at *over* 200 yards. Whee! I knew I had enough for a scarf (some things you just *know*), and I'm glad to know I was right.

Spent the rest of the morning shoveling out Herself's room. G'ma took the kids to church, so she wouldn't get bent out of shape. 2 large trashbags and 3 loads of laundry later....I'm still not done. I haven't even looked under the bed or in the closet....I'll do that later, when I'm not so tired.

Herself inherited this from her Dad - Steve was physically incapable of throwing things away. Seriously - when I knew this house was almost finished, I rented a 30 yard dumpster (this is the size that contractors use when building a house...they're HUGE), had it filled in 3 days, and had to have them drop ANOTHER one off. The trash? Old junk mail, broken tools/appliances, more old mail.....he just couldn't get rid of things. She's the same least Himself didn't inherit this.

The worst thing? She "cleaned" her room yesterday :headdesk:

Also got the pool up and running - borrowed my neighbor's heavy-duty extension cord and have been running the filter and vacuum. I also added the salt today...hopefully we can get the chlorine generator online tomorrow and everything will be ready to go.....once the electrician gets out here, anyway.

Why did I go ahead and use a cord? Because Himself bought a helicopter that actually flies. You pull a cord, it launches itself, and buzzes around. Falling into things. Things like: the greenhouse. The roof. The horse's water bucket. The....pool. I had to go into it yesterday to fish it out...and it was icky. So, the extension cord it was. was *your* weekend? *g*
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