June 4th, 2006

misc: Elizabeth I

I survived Arlington!

Describe it in one word: HOT. effing Hot!

Let's see...where to begin? Ah...Friday. The kids were on their way to Granny's when I got home. I had a lovely RAOK in the mail - a box from Bethanie - it had 2 balls of Naturwolle (in natural - lovely!), a cute soap, and some stickers. The box had been opened..and Herself claimed the soap. Himself is jealous, so decided he got something made out of the yarn. Coolness...now to get my wrist better so I can Do Something.

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Overall, lots of fun, even if it was hot. Only got hit on by 1 (not very) witty drunk - he thought he was SO funny. *sigh* The same old jokes are funny, even the 200th time you hear them, if the timing is right. His..wasn't. Got an offer of Wooly Mammoth hair to try spinning - I need to email a reminder to the jeweler that offered. Got proposisitioned for a portrait - a really sweet clansman came over, fascinated by the wheel. He watched for a bit, sat down, and asked for my address. O....K. I handed him my Clan card. Why? He is going to send me a couple of pages with the Gaelic words for the parts of a spinning wheel. He is also an artist, and wants to do a portrait of me in garb, spinning. Coolness!

Got 4 full bobbins of my current Dragonhair, and 1 1/2 full bobbin of some stuff by Color Me (in the "Regal" colorway. Yum! It'll be my next pair of socks, once I can knit again.)

Very tired, very sore. Must go throw myself into the pool to cool off and see if it helps my hand and foot.