June 8th, 2006

silly: cats playing ping-pong

Yo Texas Peeps!

Any one out there need an Ashford Elizabeth wheel? Single treadle, good condition (but, according to the owner, needs a tune-up kit), almost new....in Houston $150. Yes - $150.00

I am tempted...but I do NOT need another saxony wheel. I have 5 - 4 in house, 1 out and about, and I just don't *need* another wheel. (Repeat it often enough, and I might believe it!)

E-me if you want the contact info. Houston's an easy day trip from the DFW area.....and at $150, you can afford the gas to get there and back (they run, what - $600 new???)
Calvin: Happy Dance


just hung up the phone - it was a....very interesting and nice call.

Guess I need to start back on the kilt hose yarn.......*eg*

Or at least try to wind a new scarf warp........must go shop the stash and see what kind of handspun I have hidden in the corners.

:whistles innocently: