June 13th, 2006

Disney: L&S Punish friends

Update-y goodness...

So, went to ortho #3 today (#2 for the poor, abused left wrist - this time). Can you believe, he *actually* took x-rays? Guess what he discovered? Go on - guess!

Yup. It's broke. Again. For the 5th time. The left wrist has a nice, big, jagged chunk out of the 5th metacarpal bone. Since it looks like it is healing nicely, we mutually decided a cast was not needed (OK, so, actually I made puppy-eyes and said "But - then I couldn't SWIM! :sob:"); I have to wear the brace, take prescription #3, and see where we are in a week or 2. *sigh*

See, I *knew* the wrist was broken again. Doc #2 (who will be getting a nice letter from me once I can type it without flames spouting from my fingertips) refused to even look at me.....blarrrgh. At least I have enough sense to know that I should keep probably broken bones splinted up. And, at least Doc #3 is cute - and single. But he doesn't meet my minimum height requirement...darn it! *eg*

For something completely different: Received a Moresca Pirate bodice in the mail today. Love my post office......the bodice ROCKS. It'll make it's "official" debut at the Bedford games (and it's unofficial one at this year's VBS at our church. heh.) Have also gone overboard with BPAL binging on eBay...have locked up the debit card.

I need an idea for 159 yards of 3-ply wool. Approx. worsted weight. I wanted socks; when I decided to navajo-ply, I realized I probably wouldn't have enough yardage. Must think on this.....(it's the Color Me "regal" colorway I started at Arlington. Lovely, lovely yarn!)