June 19th, 2006

pets: Finn

trailergate 2006: the rematch

first off, i missed most of it - herself wanted *me* to take her to camp, so i did. 70 miles, 1-way. briarwood is beautiful, and she seemed to click with her councilor, so that's good.

ok, while we were headed to argyle, the lady came to load my 2 bitches jewels. erynne went on with little fuss - maybe 15 minutes. (i'm doing this from the phone calls i got, since - again - i wasn't there. probably a good thing, too....) magic.....well. she's a calculating bitch; never gets upset, stays calm, but obviously thinks before she acts.

it took at least *45* minutes for 4 people to get her on the trailer. at one point she ended up down, with her head in the trailer (prompting a frantic "your horse looks dead!" phone call - not cool, when i am trying to check my nervous daughter into her very first overnight camping experience.) magic was just being herself.

so, himself and i head home.....and end up meeting the maternal unit and horses about 30 miles from the house. we dropped off the van at the mall, hopped in the truck, and proceeded *back* the way we had just come. *sigh*

past the briarwood exit (hey - weren't we *just* here??), and 45 or so miles later, we get lost. (this is a record - usually i get lost *long* before that!). no problem; it gets sorted out and the girls are safely delivered to the stud farm. where they then decide to not unload. :headdesk: oh, and i dropped a 50 pound bag of feed...right on my....left foot. *sigh*

anyway - 7 hours later, himself and i are back home. remaining equines are fed, kid fed, dogs fed.......then we crashed. today will not be fun, methinks......

i gotta find me a cowboy to help load them next month so i can haul 'em home. must start working on this....