June 25th, 2006

QOW: Zot

Is it Monday yet?

Busy all weekend, but accomplished nothing - much, anyway. Cleaned, but you can't tell now. Did laundry...it multiplied. Ditto with the dishes.

I did, however, suck it up and finish my winter socks - pics will be forthcoming; I just need to upload them. Also finished the scarf for the church handyman. Yes, it hurt, but I popped 4 Advil and kept going. I am paying for it today. *sigh*

Have started spinning the yarn for my Spring socks. Decided Yellow was a good place to start - it's a happy color. And bright...EE Dyes are pretty intense.

Have been working on getting the gunk out of the bottom of the pool. I figure if I tackle a bit each night, in about a week it'll be all clean. We'll see....I upped the chlorine, and the water sparkles now, it's so clean.

One of the riding floaties popped a seam at the party; I tried to fix it today, and it kept getting bigger. I give up - I'll just hunt up another one and start over. It was only $8 *shrug*. It's a Dragon - we have another, as well as a swan. It's just....I wanna play, too! *g*

Must watch Narnia now!