June 28th, 2006

Disney: L&S Caffeine


seems I may just have a date next weekend. hum...wonder how *that* happened? And wonder what I'm going to cook?? (C'mon, Nobody comes to my house and leaves hungry. That'd be...like...awful! *g*)

I didn't know that I can fit 2 oz of finely-spun Falkland Island wool on the bobbin of my Norwegian. Wow. It's the screaming yellow EE dyed one on my dyes page. It's....bright. Very bright. (Oh, and I posted a pic of the scarf and the winter socks....on the handwoven and sock pages, respectively. Since I'm too lazy to type the correct URL out, go to the main page, click the bunny, then go to either the weaving page or knitting page. The links to the finished items are there. ATM, I'm too blurry to remember the correct path. Sorry!)

Tonight is the big refill-the-pantry/freezer/refridgerator/kids run. Have to hit at least 2 grocery stores...I really do NOT want to see the total, but we are down to almost nothing except canned and boxed stuff (which includes spaghetti-o's and fake mac-n-cheese. Horrors!), so there is no way out. Wish me luck - I only hope I have room in the van for everything.

It's my fault - I didn't do my normal 1st of the month grocery run last month, since the kidlets were going to Granny's. BIG mistake.....ah well. Nothing that can't be remedied.

And, we'll have good eats for a while. MUCH better than the scavenged stuff I've been reduced to these past few days (although, honestly - baked chicken with butter and Penzey's Ozark seasoning is *terrific*, even with (icky) creamed corn. Or pork-n-beans. I need to try it with my Adobo seasoning...maybe the sweet curry, too (but not at the same time!). Hmmmmm...)

OH! I scored a decant of BPAL's Beaver Moon and MB: Underpants off of one of the BPAL LJ communities (check under sinandsalvation, I think that's the name - I joined 3 communities yesterday....yeah, I think I'm addicted. :hangs head:) Yeah, they're LEs, and I can't easily get any more, but if they work on me, I'll go thru the General Catalog and find something similar.

AND, the lab is up to 5/1 on shipping out orders - my first was 4/26, so I should have some smelly goodness hitting the PO soon. Whee!

Gotta pay my bills now.....stupid adult responsibilities. *g*