June 29th, 2006

SW: my shiny things...

PO Goodness!

My BPAL order arrived! The one I placed on 4/26!!! Whee! My wrists smell good now. *g*

Since this was my very first order (but not my first BPAL; eBay is a good place to try new scents!), all I got was a pack of imps ears. Brisingamen (on the right wrist), Dana o'Shee (left wrist), Dublin, Glasgow, La Belle Au Bois Dormant, and Perversion, with Succubus thrown in as a frimp. (Free Imp).

So far, I like them. Brisingamin is currently a little wonky...it may settle down, but right now it has a "hairspray" thing going on. Not major, but just enough to bug me. Dana o'Shee is lovely..sort of etheral flowers. With a deeper underscent that I can't place. I think it's a keeper, but I'll test it again in a couple of weeks to see how my hormones change it up before committing to a bottle of it. (OH - the hairspray is morphing...musk is starting to come out. Hmmmm...)

I've also been obsessing over this. I'm following the pattern, for the most part, but I substituted yarn (1 strand of Lion Cotton instead of the 2 strands of Cantata Cotton - 2 strands made it look too homemade. Ugh), changed needle sizes (6 instead of the 9s the pattern calls for, or even the 7s the yarn label called for - 7s made for a very....revealing fabric, even knitting as tight as possible. Moreso than the 6s, anyway)...and I might change up the bottom part. Maybe not.....I might knit this to the pattern then do another one *my* way. *g* (mmmmm, my left wrist is all watery florals right now. I normally *hate* florals, but this is....fae.)

Just popped some NSAIDs, so it's back to the knitting for me.
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