July 5th, 2006

Disney: L&S Caffeine

Holiday? What Holiday??

Busy busy weekend, 4 day or not. Saturday was Russell Stover day - we had to restock the candy jar. Also hit Mardel's and Hobby Lobby for VBS stuff (Pirates! Fun fun fun!), and a consignment store for some "new" clothes for me and the kidlets.

Sunday was church and cleaning - we hit the pool for a wee bit. Monday was spent at the ILs - Papaw got the kids while Granny and I went shopping. I need new clothes - I have shrunk out of everything I own (Hey - I Worked for it! It took me a year!) - so she offered to buy skirts and pants, if I'd buy the tops. Hell, yeah! We hit Dillard's (*gasp* the prices! *gasp*) and I got 2 perfect tops and 3 skirts. (I just couldn't bring myself to pay those prices......1 top was $27 ON SALE. :fans self:) We also hit Bed Bath and Beyond for some new omlet pans....it cost me more there than it did at Dillard's. *g* Oh - and the kids washed the van. It's *shiny* now. *g*

Yesterday was a memorial service at church, then a picnic...then swimming before the Thunderstorm hit. Fun, but tiring.

I have ripped and restarted Cleo 3 times now. I decided the single strand attempt wouldn't be...decent enough, so had to re-do with 2 strands. The first band was....WAY to big. The measurements are for either small (27"-30") or large (32"+)...I measure exactly 31.5" around the ribcage. So, I CO for the large....heh. Right. MUCH too big...so I frogged and CO for the small. And I'm trying to knit tight...we'll see. I'm finally at a point I can try it on....:sigh: Here's hoping - I'd like to be able to wear it this weekend.

Must pretend to work now.....