July 19th, 2006

Disney: L&S Dance with me

I need a vacation....

from my vacation!

Cleaned out my closet today and ran the stuff to the Salvation Army. They just so happened to have a sofa that matched the 2 in my family room....hmmmm. Tried to forget about it as I ran to the Foot Doctor.

Foot is healing - the doc no longer wants to see me. :pout: And here I thought we had a good thing going! *g* Headed back home and decided to see if the sofa was still there...it was, so $25 later, it's in the back of the van and I am hauling it home.

Once I got it into the house, and the old ($5 garage sale) sofa *out* of the house, I hit the local Thrift Store. Scored lots of new clothes, for $24. Not too bad!

Cleaned the kitchen...ugh. Still need to mop, but it looks lots better in there. Took a short nap - got woken up by a lovely phone call, then hit the 'puter to balance the checkbook and check e-mail/LJ.

I need to go get the kids, figure out supper, and clear off the dining room table tonight. Tomorrow is tidy the rest of the house day, until 2, when the Ext. Agent is coming out for some fiber therapy.

J. is planning on coming back out Saturday.......*ahem*. Anyway....