July 24th, 2006

silly: cats playing ping-pong

I survived...

VBS 2006. It was like herding cats - *I* was in charge of 19 little rugrats, all full of sugar and excited to be there.

Damn kids are too smart, too - I had gone thru Bartlett's Quotations for my clues (didn't wanna make it too easy on them - I had 5 hours to fill, after all, and only 7 bottles to hide), and thought that, oh, the quote from Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream about "I know a bank where the wild thyme blows..." would take at least a nano-second for them to come up with "Flowerbed!".....yeah, right. *sigh* I hadn't even *finished* the quote before they were scurrying outside to start hunting.

Ah, well, it worked, the kids enjoyed themselves, learned lots (?!) and I - well, I'm still exhausted. Ugh.

The Moresca Pirate bodice is a thing of beauty...but. There are 2 pieces of steel boning on either side of the front; 1 goes down to the waist (as they should), the other...the other just....stops. Right at the midpoint of the ribcage. Stops. And...pokes. I have 2 nice-sized bruises on my ribs now from that damn thing! Must add padding somehow - it's a lovely bodice, makes my waist disappear, and gives me a nice long torso, and I *do* want to be able to wear it for a full day next time.

At least today is a "nothing" day here at the office. I think I'll snooze a bit after lunch - I am *that* tired!