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July 27th, 2006 - Random babblings of a fiber-obsessed nutcase — LiveJournal

About July 27th, 2006

Clear your calendar... 10:07 am
for Jan. 1.

Why? you ask....well......err.....because....there will be a weddin' on that day.

I've been sitting on this for almost a week now - I wanted to simply post a pic of a ring, but a)it's way too big and b)we're going out Sat. to get a new (brighter/shiny-er)one, and I can't sit on it no more. *eg* (And, if we can't find the perfect one, I've found some online that we will order Sat. evening. ALWAYS have a fallback plan.)

So, ummm...yeah - how's *your* week going? *g*
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