August 4th, 2006

SW: Obi "insert star here'

Busy busy busy...

This week has been interesting. Haven't gotten any work accomplished, but we've been busy the whole week. Strange.

Still plugging away on the prayer shawl. I'm at the point that it seems like I am getting nowhere.....but the yarn is disappearing fast. Blah.

I bought some absolutely yummy Chasing Rainbows handpainted silk (in the "More Teals" colorway); it arrived Monday. Yum! I can't wait to clear off a bobbin and jump in - I'm seeing laceweight 2-ply here, for a shawl for *me* (once I find the perfect pattern.) I don't think I can get it done by January I'll take my time on it. I still have Christmas prezzies to finish!

Kids are doing great. They've been in swimming lessons for the past 2 weeks - today is the last day. Herself is going to pass the Red Cross Level 2 exam (she's doing a little better, but not quite up to Level 3) and Himself will easily pass the Level 1 (he's doing a lot of Level 2 stuff, but not consistantly.) *I* feel better - there's less chance he'll drown now (but, he's Fearless. Totally fearless. *sigh*)

We're scheduled to pick up the bitch mare Sunday. This should be fun. J. refuses to let me do it myself - he's afraid I'll hurt myself again. I keep telling him *I* didn't hurt myself, the stupid horse hurt me, but whatever. I won't complain - time alone, in the truck, with no kids? I'll take it and run! *g*

Anyone got any hints on how to plan a 2nd marriage that'll include the kids, but not be so over-the-top that it's ridiculous? I'm hitting a wall here......simple (think, cheap!) is what I'm looking for here.