August 14th, 2006

Calvin: Faces

It's the first day of school...

and the kids were (sorta) excited this morning. Not so much about the *school*, but...they get to see the friends that don't go to the daycare. :blink: Whatever....Herself forgot her backpack (I put it on her chair. She pulled it off to sit down, then didn't pick it back up when we left. How is this my fault, again?), and got a little perturbed when I refused to go back home for it. Ah,'ll settle down again soon.

J. did all the plumbing work for my water softener. He had to dig down 2.5' to find the main line (and,'s usual here to go down 8-12", yeah. Fun!); he then cut'n'pasted some new pvc pipe on and routed that the water will (eventually) go thru the water softener before entering the house. Yeah, I understood all that.......anyway, all that's left to do is put in the electrical stuff, then hook it up, open the water valve(s), and we'll have soft water. Or something.

We're waiting to hear about the job he applied for. *If* he gets it (he says he will....I dunno. They *did* call and check his references last week, so that's good, but I refuse to get excited until it happens), then I'll change my plans, grab the marriage license, and hit the JP's office next week (or, my dad's house. He's an ordained minister...). It's stupid for him to drive 70+ miles 1 way when my house is 5 minutes from the jobsite, and I won't let him move in without getting married. (A Note: I don't care if anyone lives together before marriage. If I didn't have kids, it wouldn't even *be* an issue - he'd already live here - but....with the kids, I feel I should attmept to be a good role model. So, no living with until after marriage, since that's what I keep preachin' at them. These weekend...sleepovers...are slightly problematical for me, but I'm dealing. They haven't asked questions yet, so I'm merely sidestepping the issue. Who said parenting was easy???)

J. is very handy to have around the house. Not only did he do the plumbing, he fixed the pool pump (it blew the gasket and was dumping water *everywhere*), re-ran the front fenceline, edged the front of the house (I had already mowed it, and got yelled at. It's His job to keep the yard nice, apparantly), rearranged the garage shelves (and plans to re-rearrange them when it cools off - it's not "efficient" the way it is), and drew up plans for a studio for *me*, so we can move the large Swedish loom (and the 2 table looms, 2 inkle looms, my fleece stash (since, y'know, sheep are going to go extinct *any* minute now, and I have felt the need to stockpile wool), the yarn stash, and the sewing stash out of the dining room and utilize it for the purpose it was designed for. *g* The way it's drawn up, I will have room for SnB's - WITH a sofa and loveseat. :bounce: The AA wheels will NOT move out of the house, but the Ashford and Louet will (the studio will have central heat/air, but....the house has my canine security system, and the studio won't.) - this will clear out a lot of space in the house. We'll see how long it takes to get it started. *eg*

Ug - this got long. Must pretend to work now!

ETA: Just picked up my old wedding ring from the jeweler in our office building. Wow. Just - WOW. He not only reset the emerald, he polished and cleaned the whole thing. It looks like it has been dipped in instant gold or something - it's clean, and shiny, has Never been this pretty. Never.

Needless to say, I handed him my engagement ring for a re-size. Can't *wait* to see how bright and shiny it's going to be when I pick it up Wednesday! *g* (And, yes - J. is fine with it. The jeweler is only charging me $12, AND I'll have it back in 2 days. We both agree it's worth it to not have to ship it off somewhere for a week or so.)