August 17th, 2006

Disney: Jessica Rabbit

blah blah blah....

Thankfully it's Thursday! This week is almost over!

Yesterday was busy.....I left "sick" at noon. Headed home, picked up J, had a quick lunch at the local tea room, and went to the courthouse. Silly man *left* his driver's license at his shop....and was surprised that the County clerk wouldn't give us a marriage license without it. (Duh - J is very well know in his town(s), but he's totally *un*known in my county. It was funny to see him face total anonyminity (or however the hell that's spelled), when he's used to everyone knowing him by sight. I plan on ribbing him with this for *years*.)

So....fall back and punt. We headed to his hometown. He got one of his employees to bring him his license, we went in to that courthouse, and are now ready to get this show on the road. (And, yeah - probably didn't need his license there. *Everyone* knew him. It was hysterical.)

Labor Day. At my house. Sometime - probably before lunch. (Family - be there, 'k? *g*) My Dad will do it - or, at least, I think he will. Haven't asked him yet - he's out of town until next Tuesday. (I don't see a problem here.)

Why the rush? No rush - we stopped at the ISD yesterday, and while they say they haven't made a decision, his is the only application, he is more than qualified, and...they took him on a tour of the garage. Pointed out *everything*. I'm too old for a long, drawn-out engagement, my kids do *so* much better when he's around, MIL told me to go ahead and "get it over with" *g* No, I'm not pregnant - if I *am*, my OB/Gyn will have a lawsuit slapped on him so fast it'll make his head spin. We paid good money to shut *that* factory down when Himself was born. Yes, it's love - both for him, and for my kids. He's nuts over the 3 of us, too.

I know from experience that life is too short. So, why not? It'll be low-key, private, and yet the family can be there withoug any major planning on my part (they were going to be at my house anyway.)

J. went to the daycare with me yesterday afternoon. The owner and 2 office workers went ga-ga; Himself nearly had a coronary "J! He's HERE! Look, guys, it's J! J - this is blahblah, and blahblah, and oh - my teacher! This is J! He's great!" (lather, rinse, repeat - he hauled J. all over the daycare.) Herself was all like "Hey J! Look what I did today! Let's go home now! Hi, Mom!" *g*

So, that's the state of the Fiberaddict et al. Still plugging away at the shawl; I did CO a pair of (large men's) socks last night, but won't be putting in the hours on them until this shawl is done. Want to get back to the silk spinning, and the scarf weaving, but this shawl *needs* to get done and handed over.