August 18th, 2006

pets: Finn

Ah, the exciting life on the farm!

Let's see - J. moved his horse ("Destiny", a very overweight 4 y.o. Appaloosa) over about 3 weeks ago. (or so - too lazy to look up the exact date). I put her in the paddock next to my neighbor's - where Dusty-the-stud-muffin, Moonie, and Bullseye were "landscaping". She's never been, I warned J. that we might get an oops baby - did he want me to move her to the paddock on the other side of the property? He said no - if she got bred, oh well, we'd have a nice AraApp we could sell.

I've been watching her - she's a *huge* tease. She'll back up to the fence and show, then when Dusty leans in to nibble her, she goes ballistic and starts kicking. Or at least, that was the procedure until sometime last night (you see where this is going, yes?)

At some point last night (if the dogs were barking at *this*, it was around 2:30 AM), Dusty had had enough. He went through the fence, breaking 2 strands of high-tensile smooth wire and 1 strand of (off-line) electric fence wire. When I went out to feed this AM (around 5:15), I saw him standing in the middle of the girls paddock.

I sighed, then trekked on over to dump the feed. He didn't come up to the fence; in fact, he just sort of stood there in the grass and watched me. So, out I went - both back legs are all bloody. *big sigh*

He gets to deal with it today - it was too dark this AM to do anything, and I'm on a tight schedule. Nothing was gushing out, he *can* walk, just not comfortably, he was standing with his weight equally on all 4 legs....idiot male.

I called J (hey - he called *me* at 4:30 AM, so I knew he was at least awake) and appraised him of the situation. He'll be fixing the fence either tonight or tomorrow (after he helps me clean Herself's aquarium and changes my oil - have I mentioned that I *love* having a mechanic around??). Fun stuff!

I don't think she got bred - unless he did it before he went thru the fence. I don't think he'll do it during the day - his legs are pretty tore up. Ah, well - what's done is done. I'll be moving him into the boy's paddock with Finn tonight (if he can hobble that far)(and, oh yeah - I moved Finn from the round pen last night into the paddock. He did good) and move her into my neighbor's back 8 acres with Moonie and Bullseye (Magic is home, but I want her close to home so I can monitor this pregnancy. Valor is an awesome stud and I really really really really want this baby. I wanted to breed Magic's dam to Valor's, yeah - this is an important foal for me. I don't want to risk her getting hurt out with the other horses (Destiny has pretty much left her alone))

Get to go to lunch with Mrs. Boss today - huzzah. Can't wait...although it *is* seafood. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, shrimp. Yummy!
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Let's cell phone took a dip in the pool this evening (can you say "DEAD"?) Thank the Lord I was smart and got the insurance on this phone!

AND - last night Himself got icecream out of the deep freezer. He didn't notice that the box fell over and kept the door from closing....and *I* didn't notice this AM when we were heading out the door. In fact, I didn't notice until 6 PM today...when I noticed a horrible smell in the garage.

*7* trash bags full of ruined stuff. 11 pounds of ground meat, 15 pounds of chicken breasts, 4 Red Baron pizzas, tons of frozen vegetables, breakfast stuffs.....aarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!

*sigh* So, tomorrow AM I have to hustle J into changing my oil first off, then hit the bank to drain my savings account so I can replace the food, then off to the Cingular store so I can replace the phone, then it's off to J's daughter's for lunch, then stop to Wal-Mart to actually *replace* the much for a relaxing Saturday. After discussing it with my MIL, we think $300 should replace the important stuff (the beef/chicken/vegetables), and I can replace the other stuff on payday. :fingers crossed: