August 22nd, 2006

Disney: Jessica Rabbit

I am such a geek!

So, my new phone came in yesterday. It's a Sony Ericsson Z525a - and it has Bluetooth. I ran out after work and picked up a headset for it.....then spent *3* freaking hours trying to get it all set up.

I finally got it done this morning. Or, well - mostly done. The phone recognizes the headset; I can use it, but I can't actually *answer* the phone with it - I still have to flip open the phone, hit "answer", then close it so it goes to the headset. (So, what am I missing? I followed the directions, I've googled.....*sigh*)

Still, it's coolness - no cord, no holding the phone while driving...I look like 7 of 9 or something, but that's ok. It satisfies my inner geek.

Oh, and the best part? I can pop on the headset and *knit* while talking, without cramping my neck! *g* Gotta have the ol' priorities straight, y'know?

J is coming home tonight - he has to go to a funeral tomorrow in Ardmore, OK, and it's closer to leave from the house than it is to leave from his shop. The kids are excited (so'm I, but that goes without saying!), and will be moreso when they find out he'll be home tomorrow night, too. They were most upset when they found out he wasn't going to be here last night.

Oh, and I did a little shopping today at lunch......*eg*