August 28th, 2006

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SW: Obi-wan wet

Dooby dooby doo...

SO. Weekend. Busy. Saturday, I cleaned inside while J and Dad worked on the outside. I got the kitchen totally scrubbed; they got the front yard done, the horse trailer moved, the old camper top (here when I moved in) moved, the jumps gathered up (but not moved - yet), the front porch cleaned/swept/rearranged....then, THEN, they came inside.

After lunch, I napped.....J. cleaned the family room. And by cleaned, I mean picked-up-the-sofa-with-one-hand-while-sweeping-under-it-with-the-other cleaned. And got the kids to haul all their stuff into their almost-clean rooms. Then he swept the floor. So well that I didn't vacuum when he finished. He then rearranged all the furniture........:blink:

Sunday was church (potluck; I bought cookies. I totally should have baked something), then he and I went of too a "car show". "" because there were...well, NO cars for him to judge (he does customizing, is very well known for it, and is asked to judge these things all the time.) We showed up at 3:30; judging was supposed to start at 3:00 (oops!)...and by the time we left (5:45-ish), only *2* cars had found the place...both of which J had done. :blink: It was held way out in BFE land (we got lost twice.....)and there were no signs. :sigh: Ah, well - it was a fun afternoon of no kids, in a nice, rolling field (with loud boom-boom music - oh, well; the DJs were nice. Rappers, but nice), with nice people.

My MIL has jumped in on the wedding planning (10:30 on Monday - ack!) - she is taking both kids shopping this Saturday for outfits, she is going to decorate the front porch, and she is bringing banana pudding (yum!) and...something. I wish the whole family were as excited as she is, but there ya go. As long as WWIII doesn't break out, I'll consider it a success.

Oh, and it RAINED yesterday and it's raining as I type. Woot! I think the boom-boom music may have had something to do with it...
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OMG!!! My distaff arrived today from Alden - oh, WOW. It's just - WOW.

Looks like cherry wood; the picture shows 2 levels of curves (don't know how else to describe it) - mine has *3*. Gorgeous, as all of Alden's stuff is, the wood is smoother than a baby's butt, it's just - WOW. Steph even tied a red and a white ribbon to the top of it for me. *g*

Alden calls this his "fairy godmother" distaff - I can see why. It resembles a magic wand...and have I mentioned it's beautiful????

Pics later, when I get home and can use the camera (I don't know how to get the pics Off of my Phone and onto the 'puter, or I'd do that).

Wow, oh wow, oh wow! Now, to get J to make me a stand for it (I would get Alden to do it, but....his distaff stands are $200. His floor distaffs (distaves?) are $300...this was $90. Much more affordable!) so I can set it behind my lovely Saxony and learn to spin flax!