August 31st, 2006

Calvin: Faces

Is it Friday yet?

Or better yet - NEXT Friday?

I did pick up a loaner phone from the local Cingular store. They are very nice out here - unlike the N. Dallas yahoos. 'nuff said.

Daycare lady invited herself to my nuptials Monday. :Pause to let that sink in: Yes - she invited herself and her family to my wedding. I told her the wedding was family only, but - :sigh: - she could come to the cookout afterwards. J. was there - he just shook his head in exasperation. (I told him we should have just grabbed the kids tomorrow afternoon and hit the JP's office, but oh, no - we Must have Dad do it, with the Family there. Arrrrgh!)

Let's see...that brings the total bodies at my house up to....21, if everyone shows. :sigh: Didn't I mention I wanted a small, intimate, simple thing? Of these, only 9 will NOT be at the ceremony...but still. That's *9* extra people to cook for.....

At least my house is clean. At the moment, anyway. (Dear Lord - did I forget to put the trash can up this AM? I hope so - otherwise the dogs will have had a heyday killing all the stuff in it...) All I have to do is pick up the groceries.......I'll just add it to the weekly grocery run, and call it good. Oh - and I gotta get some flowers, since my MIL will have a conniption fit if I don't have flowers for me, Herself, and Himself. (I don't argue anymore, I just roll with it.)

4 days....I can survive 4 days......

In other news, I am on the last ball of yarn for the shawl. Of that ball, I am down 1/ it's almost done. I would be further along, but I spent an hour last night making stitch markers...I thought 22 would be enough....heh. I am hitting JoAnn's at lunch today to pick up some charms to put on the plain jump rings I still have on the 2nd side. (I don't like the plain rings - I keep missing them and having to tink back to do..whatever the marker was there for. I have *way* too many stitches crammed on my needle now). I'm thinking of picking up some silk flowers for my and Herself's hair.....we'll see.