September 3rd, 2006

me: portrait

OMG, it's Sunday...

and tomorrow is the big day! Ack......the house is clean (except for the dining table...which will take 15 minutes tops), the yard looks nice, the slipcovers have been replaced, the laundry's done....

AND, the prayer shawl is finished and has been presented. Pastor made a big hullabaloo in church over it (cringe), but it's good - he had the adult class pray over it, then right before the children's sermon he gave it to her. (I don't like attention focused on *me*, which is why I cringed) She's gonna need it soon, I think - he's getting a little more weak each day.

At least a lot of the attention wasn't on *me* - J. wore his kilt to church :fans self: G*d, I love a man in a well-fitted kilt!

I promise, I *will* post pictures soon - just don't know exactly when. Not today - gotta run to the store for tomorrow's supplies....ack. Tomorrow is almost here!